Choose the Best Eyelash Glues For Your False Eyelashes

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The right glue will make or break your lash experience. We have two adhesives we swear by and would never deviate from. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you exactly why.

hey’ve both got this easy brush on applicator that is such a game changer if you’ve been using squeeze tubes. It’s A LOT less messy. There’s no telling how many times a lash has become a gloopy mess because you underestimated how hard you were squeezing the tube. You needn’t worry about getting that crusty glue rim with our applicator. You’ll get the right amount of glue every time and it won’t go anywhere besides where you place it. Trust, it’ll make EVERYTHING so much easier.

It’s got a cute, sleek design that makes it nice and compact. Throw it in your bag and be the hero when your friend starts crying her lashes off because you ran into her ex and his new bae at the club. (Don’t act like it hasn’t happened to you!) That way, no one gets caught slipping.

Both of them last all day and are latex free, good news for anyone sensitive to that or anyone who wears contacts.

Wholesale Eyelash GlueWholesale Eyelash Glue

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