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Cosmetics Lashes is a professional manufacturer of high quality mink lashes and Custom Packaging Boxes. Our eyelash glue is of the highest quality and is made from ingredients that are harmless to eyes.Our glue is not allergic, and it holds strong adhesion.

Do you have problems with glue not sticking?Are you worried that the ingredients in the glue might hurt your eyes?Yes, if you use a bad glue, it can damage your body and even burn your eyes, leading to blindness,which is a terrible thing!!!But don’t worry,Cosmetics Lashes  is a professional Wholesale Eyelash Glue Vendors.If you choose Cosmetics Lashes,We can guarantee that our eyelash glue is non-toxic and harmless and sticky!!!

Eyelash Glue Vendors

Glue composition environmental protection non-toxic to the eye is really very important, our mascara glue main composition is acrylic resin, water, etc., not like other glue on the market like containing cyanide and other toxic ingredients. Our glue is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, low allergy, do not damage sensitive skin eyes. So you don’t have to worry about damaging your eyes with our lash glues.

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03 Eyelash Glue(5ml)

Customized Eyelash Glue

04 Eyelash Glue(5ml)

Eyelash Glue Wholesale

05 Eyelash Glue(5ml)

Whosale Custom Eyelashes Glue 

06 Eyelash Glue(5ml)

Eyelash Glue Vendors

Customize Eyelash Glue & Private Label

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If you want to attract more customers to your eyelash glue, you need to customize your brand name on the glue.Because this will make your eyelashes look more perfect, bring you more customers, and then will bring you more profits.Cosmetics Lashes can help you custom your own brand name on the eyelash glue.

Customize Eyelash Glue

Custom Eyelash Glues

Custom Lash Glue

Choose our eyelash glue is your correct choice.Our glue is not only environmental protection avirulent,and agape degree is strong, and false eyelash glue is quick dry strong. In the use of glue in false eyelash edge besmear on a little false eyelash glue, both ends fall off easily, dosage should be a little bit more, besmear glue should blow gently with the mouth once, stick on glasses next. And the false eyelash that USES false eyelash glue can repeat stick stick, the glue on false eyelash when discharge makeup expels can.

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Lash Glues Vendors

Eyelash Glue Vendor

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