How To Choose Mink Eyelashes Straps?

There are more and more Eyelash Suppliers on the market, and the quality of Mink Eyelashes is also very different. Choosing a high-quality Mink Eyelash Supplier is the most important prerequisite for Eyelash Business. Eyelash straps are the decisive factor for the quality of mink eyelashes. Mink eyelashes have a variety of straps, including transparent straps, black cotton straps and woven straps. So what kind of bag is most suitable?

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1. Cotton eyelash band

It is made of black cotton thread, very soft and strong, and its tail will not be skewed. Suitable for double eyelids with moderate invisibility and can be used as an eyeliner. Because it is very soft, it will not stick to the eyelids and will not tilt easily. In other words, it is very malleable. The hardness is between the transparent eyelash band and the braided band. Due to the texture, the glue is very strong. However, its disadvantage is due to deformation after use. Whether it is more durable Wholesale Mink Eyelashes or more affordable synthetic eyelashes, they can be made with black cotton thread.

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2. Transparent eyelash band

Suitable for double eyelid and single eyelid. Makeup with high transparency is better. It is easy to cut off a pile of pillars that can maintain the original curvature after use. It is very invisible, so good results can be achieved whether it is in the entire cluster or in a single cluster. The defect is that the eyelashes are easy to stick together due to the weaving, and the ends of the eyelashes are easy to fall off and tilt.

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3. Knit the eyelash band

Compared with string and cotton stalk, it is not very comfortable. But for girls with single eyelid and double eyelid, it is a good choice because it has better hardness. However, soaking in water for a long time is easy to fall off, and the ends of eyelashes are easy to degummed, which requires people to fill in glue from time to time. In addition, the thickness of the stem and the hardness of the thin eyelashes are not average.

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Cosmetics Lashes are 100% high-quality handmade Siberian Mink Eyelashes. Our eyelash straps are made of the softest and most comfortable cotton thread. The traditional cotton thread straps have been improved. Our eyelash straps are more soft and comfortable. Strong, not easily deformed, our eyelashes can be cleaned, and can be reused more than 35 times. It is a real high quality product.

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We have won thousands of eyelash entrepreneurs through high-quality products and customer service. Many large cosmetic companies use us as their Mink Eyelash Suppliers and have established long-term cooperation. If you still can’t find a good one You are troubled by your Eyelash Supplier, welcome to contact us, we will provide you with the most professional customer service and high-quality products, let us grow the eyelash business together!

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