How To Make A Wig Look More Natural?

One of the most popular wigs on the hair market right now is the Human Lace Frontal.These Lace Wig will not only enhance your image, but also make you look more natural.Another reason Lace Wigs are popular is that they can hide hair loss or thinning.They are ideal for women who have hair loss due to hair loss, chemotherapy or drugs.

When it comes to Human Lace Wigs, the main concern is usually how to make them look more natural.This is especially common among women who are new to wigs.In this article, we will discuss how to make black women’s Lace Front Wigs look more natural.

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1.Buy a high quality lace front Wig

Of course, one of the best ways to buy high quality lace front wigs.Because a cheap lace wig looks even more unnatural.But if you wear a High Quality Lace Front, the hairline will look like it’s coming out of your scalp, just like your own Unprocessed Hair, and it will look more natural.

2.Choose a lace front wig hat that fits your head perfectly

The size of the Custom Wigs cap is another key factor to pay attention to if you want to make your pre-lace wig look more natural.If your Lace Front Wig has a bigger capsize, the wig will look unnatural.On the other hand, if a wig is too tight, it can put a lot of pressure on your head and even cause headaches.So choosing the right wig to tip over your lace front wig is necessary.

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Generally, there are three mains types of wig cap size in the market: small [21-21.5 inches], medium [22-22.5 inches], and large [22.75-23 inches]. But there are people with a head circumference that do not fall into this category, so they have to contact their hair vendor to customize the wig cap for them. Don’t forget to buy a lace front wig that fits you well if you want it to look as natural as possible.

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3.Choose a lace Frontal wig that fits your face shape

Choosing a wig with lace hair to flatter the shape of your face is another way to make a wig look more natural.If you want to buy a lace prewig that fits the shape of your face, you have to know your face first.

Generally speaking, face shapes include round, oval, square, rectangle, heart, etc.If you have a round face, you need to wear a full wig.Some wigs for a round face include short lacy front wigs with cute curls or human lacy front wigs with side parting.These two types of lace front wigs will balance the shape of your face, thus creating a natural and smooth look.The key is to know the shape of your face and wear a suitable lace wig at the front.

4.Choose the right color

Another incredible way to make your 13 x 4 lace front wig look as natural as possible is to buy a color that suits your skin.The right color to match your skin tone will also make people think a wig is your natural hair.Colored lace wigs come in a variety of colors, including black, chocolate, and brown.So you have to choose the right color for your skin tone.

If you can’t choose the right color, we can help you.For example, if you have dark skin on your scalp, then you should choose a medium Brown Lace Front Wig.It suits you best.On the other hand, if you have light or white scalp skin, a transparent lace wig is the perfect choice for you.The right color will make your  13 x 4 lace front wig look more natural.

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5.Take off that lace wig in front of you

One of the best ways you can make your Lace Frontal wig look natural is to pull the hair along the hairline of the wig.Plucking hair makes a wig look more natural.You can put a wig on your head or on a model’s head and remove it with tweezers.But wearing a wig as you pull it out will be the best option as it will help you see what you should pull out of your natural hair.

Another way to make your wig look more natural is to cut off the lace while the wig is on your head.Lace front wigs have extra lace that covers your forehead and allows you to position and secure your unit.Before fixing a wig, you need to cut off any excess lace.

6.Cut the lace to fit your face shape

This is another way to make your lace front wig look more natural.Cut out the lace and adjust the unit until it is placed where you want it to be safe.The first incision is made in the middle of the forehead toward the hairline.Remember not to interfere with any baby hair you want to keep.

7.Use the correct way to install your lace front wig

The way you wear a wig can also affect its natural appearance.So, if you want to make a wig look more natural, you have to install it correctly.You can get your hair stylist to do it for you, or if you’re an expert, you can do it yourself.If you go DIY, make sure your natural hair underneath is dry and flat.

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