Why Do We Launch Eyelash Sets?

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Because most girls want to choose different kinds of boxes and eyelashes, but because of MOQ (minimum order quantity), they can buy from Mink Eyelash Vendors. So most girls must give us this idea.

mink lashes

3D Mink Lashes

What Styles Of Eyelash Sets Are Available?

1. The first eyelash set

The first set of eyelashes is a large box, which is a holographic, eyelash package with ribbon. There can be three pairs of different eyelashes and a pair of tweezers, a beautiful eyelash brush or the Best Glue. Our big box can print and design your own exclusive logo, which is very beautiful.

private label eyelash boxes

Mink Eyelash Boxes

customize your own eyelash box 

Customize Eyelash Box

2. The second set of eyelashes

The second set of eyelashes can also have three pairs of eyelashes and a pair of tweezers. The box of this set is relatively small. And it has its own unique tray, and it can also print the logo on the box. In this set, we have 11 styles to choose from

customize your own eyelash box

Eyelash Packaging Wholesale

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing An Eyelash Set?

1. Different customers have different needs.

If you want to test the market and do n’t know what style your customers like and buy, you can choose this kit to test your market with a small budget. In this way, it can also cover a wide range of eyelash styles that customers like

wholesale mink lashes

Wholesale Mink Lashes

2. Eyelash set is easy to sell

Customers want to choose settings instead of individual eyelashes. This set of products includes eyelashes and boxes, eyelash glue, eyelash applicators and brushes. If your customers want to buy eyelash sets, don’t miss this opportunity!

custom eyelashes boxes

Custom Eyelashes Boxes 

Some Common Questions About Buying Eyelash Sets

1.How to buy eyelash set?

If you want to buy, you can add WhatsApp+8613356897824 to get eyelash set.

2.Which style of eyelashes can you choose?

You can choose any style of any length. If you like regular eyelashes, you can choose them. If you like 25MM fluffy mink eyelashes and 20mm popular eyelashes, you can also choose them! If you cooperate with Cosmetics Lashes, you will know the quality of our luxurious mink false eyelashes, and you will not miss them!

mink lashes

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA

3.Can I Do Mink Lashes packaging Wholesale Private Label?

We provide special labels, you can send your logo, brand name and information to us, we will arrange for you to design the effect of the logo on the box for you and print the production after you confirm the design, If you are our regular customer, we will provide you with design services for free.

custom eyelash boxes

Custom Your Own Eyelash Box

4.Which color of the applicator do you supply?

We have 9 kinds of mascara applicators for you to choose the form, you can tell us what color you like after selecting the number on the catalog, usually our mascara applicators are the best-selling in the market, and we have enough stock.

Eyelash tweezers

Eyelash Applicator

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More Popular Style

20MM Mink Lashes

16MM Mink Lashes

25MM Mink Lashes

22MM Mink Lashes

Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes

Eyelash Arylic Packaging Cases

How To Order Sample Pack?

Mink Lashes Catalogue

How To Order Our Wholesale Mink Eyelashes & Boxes? Contact Us Below:

Ivy Wang

Whats App: ‪+86 133 5689 7824‬

E-mail: cosmeticslashes33@gmail.com

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