Why Does Cosmetics Lashes Still Have So Many Markets In Such A Severe Situation As COVID-19?

Why Does Cosmetics Lashes Still Have So Many Markets In Such A Severe Situation As COVID-19?

Cosmetics Lashes is a well-known Eyelash Vendor in China, which involves many foreign markets in the United States, Europe, Africa and Australia. Cosmetics Lashes has its own eyelashes and Custom Eyelash Packaging factories. Cosmetics Lashes will always take priority over the market Of other Eyelash Vendor launched the most popular eyelashes and packaging products in the market.

3D Mink Lahses

The first point that Cosmetics Lashes are superior to the market is to focus on the quality of the eyelashes. We do not produce low-quality eyelashes. Each pair of our eyelashes is strictly selected. Our eyelashes are cruelty-free. Each pair of our eyelashes is taken from the faded hair of Siberian adult mink. We don’t hurt the mink like other Eyelash Vendor, so please don’t worry. 


Cosmetics Lashes Customer Feedback

After the eyelashes are collected, we are all subjected to strict high temperature sterilization. Finally, they are handmade by a master who has decades of experience in making eyelashes. We will enter the eyelash market after many inspections and inspections. 

Cosmetics Lashes Feedback

Our eyelashes can be used more than 35 times. I once talked to a customer of ours. She told me that our eyelashes were very comfortable to wear. She even had to wear them for 6 days without taking them off once because of too much work. But the eyelashes did not change a little, she said that she was completely in love with our eyelashes

The second point that Cosmetics Lashes are superior to the market is continuous innovation. We have more than 260 different eyelash styles. According to market demand, we launched 5D, 6D, 7D and other new eyelashes at the end of 2010, which are well received by customers. Now the popular butterfly boxes, water drop boxes and lash woods boxes on the market are also from our Cosmetics Lashes.

25MM Mink Lashes

In 2021, Cosmetics Lashes will launch more eyelashes and new packaging. If you want to order, please contact my Whats App+86 13356897824, I will reply you as soon as possible

Eyelash Packaging

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